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Administration of this wiki is carried out by a number of administrators. They have access to a number of functions that are not available to other users. There are a number of types of administrator - administrators, bureaucrats, developers and check user. Each has different rights to administer the wiki.

If you are an administrator, you will see two additional tabs when viewing most pages. These are:

  • Protect/unprotect - allows you to partially lock a page so that it can only be edited by registered users or fully lock a page so that it can only be edited by administrators. Unprotect allows you to remove existing page locks.
  • Delete - delete the current page. Clicking on this tab brings up a confirmation page. Clicking on the "Delete page" button will delete the page and its history.

Administrators also see additional options when viewing the list of special pages. These are:

  • Block user (administrator only) - this also appears in the toolbox on the left of the page when viewing a user's page or talk page
  • Check user (check user only)
  • Lock/unlock database (developer only) - this allows the site to be completely locked, preventing any users from editing the wiki
  • Regenerate site statistics (developer only) - this should not be necessary as statistics are updated automatically. However, if there is reason to believe the statistics are incorrect, selecting this option will result in the statistics being recalculated. This can take a long time.
  • Remove edit lock (developer only) - very occasionally, the edit lock may become stuck. This feature allows users to free the lock.
  • Unwatched pages (administrator only) - a list of pages that are not being watched and hence are more prone to vandalism.
  • User rights management (bureaucrat only) - administrators can use this option to give other users administrative rights