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This will be the home page of the community portal. For the moment, it contains only some news on the latest release of the wiki software and a To Do list. This could be significantly enhanced.

News To do

UPGRADE - June 2014

Festipedia is now running on MediaWiki 1.23.0. This is a major upgrade with many new features:

  • New parser functions , and
  • Special pages RecentChanges, RecentChangesLink
  • New users automatically have their user and user talk pages added to their watchlist
  • Preferences "Add pages I create and files I upload to my watchlist" and "pages and files I edit" are now on by default
  • Preference "Email me when a page or file on my watchlist is changed" is on by default
  • There is a new special page to list duplicate files - Special:ListDuplicatedFiles
  • There is a new special page to list tracking categories - Special:TrackingCategories
  • There are some changes to the look of the default Vector skin

A number of new extensions have been added including:

  • CirrusSearch - an enhanced search facility that includes searching text in transcluded templates
  • Collection - allows the user to create and print books using Festipedia content
  • Interwiki - provides a special page listing the codes for interwiki links
  • MassMessage - allows users to send a message to a list of users
  • PageTriage - provides a new pages feed special page for easy review of new articles and user pages
  • TemplateSandbox - allows users to review a page using sandboxed versions of templates to check that a changed template has the desired effect
  • Various DataValues extensions
  • ApiSandbox - debug API calls using a browser
  • FeaturedFeeds - provides Atom feeds of featured articles and pictures
  • GeoData - stored geographical co-ordinates. Please add Template:Coord to any page about a location
  • MultimediaViewer - clicking on an image expands it without going to the File page
  • Score - allows musical scores to be included in articles
  • UniversalLanguageSelector - makes it easier for users to adjust language settings
  • WikiLove - encourages users to leave positive feedback on user pages

This is not the full set of extensions deployed on Wikipedia. The missing extensions are:

  • Extensions clearly only relevant to Wikimedia sites or sites deploying multiple wikis
  • Extensions clearly only relevant to distributed deployments involving multiple servers
  • Extensions currently in beta on Wikipedia
  • Extensions where installation instructions are missing or inadequate (e.g. ValueView)
  • Extensions supporting the Wikipedia workflow that are not appropriate for a site with a relatively small number of users
  • Wikibase extensions - these do not currently appear to offer any useful additional functionality to Festipedia

See this page "Discussion" area for status on items below

  • Insert appropriate image copyright tags for all existing images
  • Add more redirect pages to make it easier for misspelt/miscapitalised links to end up at the right target
  • Move existing pages to new titles where appropriate, particularly where the new software allows the page title to be correctly capitalised
  • Cite references on existing pages
  • Rework the Help pages
  • Add anything missing to the help pages
  • Find someone to look after the community portal!