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This will be the home page of the community portal. For the moment, it contains only some news on the latest release of the wiki software and a To Do list. This could be significantly enhanced.

News To do

The measure reported below has all but completely eliminated spam pages. A further measure was put in place yesterday. The captcha used to prevent spambots creating accounts has been changed for a more effective one. As a result, no spambots have created user accounts in the last 24 hours. 26 February 2022

In an attempt to combat persistent spam attacks, permissions have been changed. Users now cannot create pages in the main namespace until they achieve autoconfirmed status. 19 December 2021

See this page "Discussion" area for status on items below

  • Insert appropriate image copyright tags for all existing images
  • Add more redirect pages to make it easier for misspelt/miscapitalised links to end up at the right target
  • Move existing pages to new titles where appropriate, particularly where the software allows the page title to be correctly capitalised
  • Cite references on existing pages, preferably with inline citations
  • Start to rectify the faults and improvements identified in the Wiki Maintenance Hub
  • Rework the Help pages
  • Add anything missing to the help pages
  • Find someone to look after the community portal!