Snowdon Ranger (New Loco)

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Snowdon Ranger (New Loco)
Home Railway WHHR
Number 58
Status Out of service
Built by 23rd August Works, Romania
Built 1977
August 1995 Moved to WHHR from PKP.
Wheel Arrangement 0-6-0DH
Fuel Diesel

This is one of three large 24 tonne, 350 hp diesel locomotives of this type on the WHR (Porthmadog). It was built by the 23rd August Works in Bucharest, Romania, for the PKP (Polish State Railways), builder's number 23387 of 1977. It was assigned number 58, put in service at the Jarocin Railway and based at Witaszyce Shed.

After closure of the Jarocin system, it was purchased for the WHHR in August 1995 and moved to Gelert's Farm. It kept its number 58 and later got the name Snowdon Ranger after an old steam loco. It faces the opposite way from the other two Lyd2's at the WHR. As per 2007, it was not operational and had several parts missing.

The works plates on Lyd2-58 show the construction date as 1979, but it should be 1977, since the locomotive was built in the same batch as Lyd2-60 Eryri. It is assumed that replacement plates were fitted at some later date.

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