British Westinghouse 4wPE

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British Westinghouse, of Trafford Park, Manchester, received an order from the War Department for one hundred 4wPE locomotives in 1916, to be used on military service in France. The first three, numbered 2001 to 2003, were assembled by Nasmyth Wilson at Patricroft. WJK Davies stated that they were delivered to Dinas Junction for testing in February 1917. He believed that following the successful tests, they were sent to the Army's Longmoor Depot in Hampshire.

While this test may possibly have occurred, photographic evidence shows that what certainly did occur was a test of similar Dick Kerr 4wPE locomotives. This suggests that either both types of locomotive were tested in comparative trials or that the Dick Kerr locomotives that did visit Dinas have been confused with the British Westinghouse type.

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