Cae Wernlas Ddu

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Cae Wernlas Ddu
Type Location
Status Siding removed
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Cae Wernlas Ddu was a construction base during Phase 2, used first by Civils and Earthwork contractor Jones Bros of Ruthin, and then for tracklaying. The spelling "Cae Wernlas Ddu" was generally used at the time, in contrast to the nearby Wernlasddu overbridge (OB14). The site was a rented field, to which a new vehicle access was made from the Dinas-Rhostryfan Road. Jones took up occupation in February 2000.

A siding (loc=Ch. 2000) was laid in March 2000, prior to the start of tracklaying on the main line, which started from this point early in April 2000. The stock based here was moved in by road; Upnor Castle, DZ wagon no. 1424 and RRMs were followed in June 2000 by the Gullick & Dobson tamper, the SAR ballast hoppers, and then Stefcomatic. A small shed was provided.

Some difficulty was encountered in removing the siding when no longer needed, owing to the Foot and Mouth problem and the need for track possession.

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