Caernarfon Custom House

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As a historic seat of local administration Caernarfon will have had one of the earliest Custom Houses in North Wales. By the late eighteenth century (probably built in 1736) the Custom House was in the building which is now the Anglesea Arms on the quayside facing the Menai Straights below the castle walls.[1] This is where the earliest medieval quays were. It had become a hotel by 1852. It is a "listed" building.[2]

Caernarfon also had a bonded warehouse near Victoria Dock. Imports on which customs dues were owing could be stored there and the duty only paid when the goods were taken from the warehouse. The warehouse was owned by the Harbour Trust and rented to Evans & Turner brothers. As a condition of the lease they had to agree to abide by the law relating to the importation and sale of bonded goods.[3]


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