Captain Joseph Huddart

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Rough notes from NGRISC

Captain Joseph (1741-1816) was not connected with the FR as he died before it was even considered but the fortune he made from a rope making machine allowed his descendants to do so. He bought the large Brynkir estate in 1809 and the family owned it for just 100 years until 1910. The Hall was used as a PoW camp during WW1 and later demolished; it had been partly ruinous for some time, as the family reputedly built new parts while allowing older ones to fall into dereliction. The surviving Brynkir Tower was originally a folly, near the Hall. He married Elizabeth Johnson in 1763 and they had five sons. They were William (1763-1787), Joseph (died 1841), Johnson (1771-1795) and two others who died in infancy.

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