Cyril Selman

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Cyril and Jean Selman were stalwart volunteers and supporters of the FR. They moved to Penrhyn on Cyril's retirement from many years spent as a vicar in various parishes. However, within just a short time, the vicar of Penrhyn passed away suddenly and Cyril was asked to help out. He always found time as well to help out on the railway. He volunteered in many departments, including Boston Lodge, S&T and Parks & Gardens, before settling down to Booking Office and BR ticket issuing work throughout the '90s.

His vast knowledge of the British Railway system was a great help, particularly in the days before computerised tickets. Jean helped the Parks & Gardens Dept and with 'Mega-bashes' and 'Kids Weeks' being responsible for catering. She also became our first switchboard volunteer.

In 1999, with both in failing health, Cyril and Jean moved to North Tawton in Devon to live near their daughter. Jean passed away in 2001.

Cyril Selman died on Monday 8 June 2009; his funeral was held at North Tawton Church on Wednesday 17 June.

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