David Williams (1870)

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David Williams, Carpenter.

Born 1870 in Portmadoc.

It would appear that he had only recently joined the FR, as in 1911 he was a House Joiner. He was living at 41, High Street with his wife Kate, their two sons, a servant girl and two boarders. Perhaps the building work dried up and forced him to work for the FR or maybe he was just doing a building job for them.

Census Entry for 1911[edit]

An entry has been found for this person at 41, High Street, Portmadoc
where the year of birth is recorded as: 1870 in Portmadoc
It is believed, married to Kate
and the FR/WHR connection is not at this date

David Williams (1870) is possibly the person in the photo known as Boyd26H. (click here to see) This photo is labelled "A Group taken in the Works Yard before the First War". It is believed to be around 1913. It is not all staff from the yard at that time. There was a list attached to the original which declares who the people are. This person is believed to be in the third row from the back and the sixth person from the left handside.