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An accident occurred on this day. [1] [2]

Description[edit source]

FESTINIOG. FATAL RAILWAY Accident. On Saturday, the 27th ult., a sad accident took place on the Festiniog and Portmadoc railway at the Dolygarregddu Station, by which one man was killed and another seriously injured. It appears that just as the up-train from Portmadoc was approaching the terminus, where the rail crosses the high road, it suddenly came off the rail, striking with violence against the wall of the Station yard, and upsetting the trucks, smashing them to pieces. The deceased and another man, with two pigs, were in the first truck at the time, and on perceiving the danger, attempted to get out, and while so doing were hurled over violently. The deceased was frightfully injured in the head, and died the following day at the hospital. It does not appear what was the cause of the accident. There is a double rail here in the road, and it is conjectured that a piece of stone may have got between the outer and inner rail. As the first truck was a wooden one, and empty, as were most of them, and the train coming rather fast, a very slight obstruction in the road would be sufficient to send it off the rail. It is the custom, also, it appears, to put the engine after the train in coming up this branch of the line. We fancy there would be less danger of an accident occurring if the engine led the way, as the train in that case could be better controlled. The deceased had had great experience on this line, having been employed upon it, we understand, from his youth, so the Company will feel his loss.

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