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F. C. Hibberd & Co Ltd was a British locomotive-building company founded in 1927 to build industrial petrol and diesel locomotives. In 1932 the company acquired the goodwill of James and Frederick Howard Ltd. and the company moved to Park Royal, London, and began manufacturing locomotives there

The company was acquired by Butterley Engineering in the early 1960s and in 1964 production was moved to Ripley, Derbyshire. The last locomotive built to a Hibberd design was delivered in 1968.

A number of standard gauge Hibberd "Planet" diesels have been purchased by the FR for spare parts for its Hibberd diesels Upnor Castle and Conway Castle.

Such purchases included Hibberd 3774 and 3775 from Devonport Dockyard in October 1993. These locos were moved to Weaver Plant at Farrington Gurney near Bristol and were broken up, with parts required by the FR sent to Boston Lodge. Hibberd 3831 was similarly purchased on another occasion..[1]

Another such loco is on show at Chatham Naval Dockyard.

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