FR/WHR junction at Harbour Station

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Moel Tryfan standing at the FR/WHR Junction with a WHR train. Unknown date, from the WHR[P] collection


Will Jones (nearest) digging out the WHR Junction points at Harbour Station. The left-handmost line was the WHR, the next two led to the Goods Spooner's Bar, 1956

Mike Schumann added recently in an email to Kim Winter 16 Oct 2006: "Incidentally, Will didn't do all the work on his own. There was another guy working with him and he had the help of myself and two of my school friends for two weeks. We relaid the throat points in a new location and didn't quite manage to complete the WHR points in that time. I suspect at that age I was not a very productive digger."

Return of the WHR[edit]

Interestingly enough, nearly 52 years, to the day, the points (above) were replaced, albeit on the platform line. The goods shed lines were long gone. These points were used by WHR trains from the reopening in 2011.

Looking in opposite direction from 1956 picture, the first elements of the WHR return to Harbour Station, can be seen here. March 2008

Present Day[edit]

In the station remodelling of 2011-2014 the FR lines were moved south to make room for an island platform between them and the WHR line. The FR/WHR junction is therefore now much further out on the Cob beyond the end of the new platform.

The new FR/WHR junction on 29/11/2013, before commissioning, located near the old Starting signal

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