Festiniog Toy Railway Publicity

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The FR had a period in the 1930s when it promoted itself to tourists as the "Festiniog Toy Railway". There were posters and leaflets. The posters carried an illustration of a toy style train on an exaggeratedly precarious rocky ledge. The leaflets promoted local beauty spots such as Portmeirion and also the tourist hostel at No. 3/4 Boston Lodge Cottages.

An example of a poster from this period is on the back of the dust jacket of John Winton's Little Wonder book and among the illustrations starting at page 148. This one does not include the word "Toy".

There were considerable stocks of these various publicity items at Harbour Station in early revival days. They were not much sought after by FR supporters of the day who felt this style of promotion belittled a fine railway.

Earlier slights[edit]

In the 1860s, steam power on the FR was considered something of a joke by learned engineers such as Stephenson.

In 1914, an overseas newspaper headlined the FR a "Toy Railway". [1]


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