Festipedia:Image copyright tags

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All image description pages should contain an image copyright tag to show the source of the image and the license under which it is used so that users of this wiki can see the conditions under which they can make use of the image.

An image can contain multiple copyright tags if it is available under more than one license. To avoid formatting problems, please put each tag on its own line.

If you use a non-standard license, please include the text of the license either directly on the image description page or by setting up a page in the Wiki namespace and linking to it.

You can create a new image copyright tag by setting up an appropriate template. You can use one of the existing templates as a model - copy it into your new tag then modify it until you achieve the effect you want. Make sure your new template is included in the category Image copyright tags by including the text <noinclude>[[Category:Image copyright tags|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>.

You should also set up a category for all images using this copyright tag. Within the template, include the text <includeonly>[[Category:Template name|{{PAGENAME}}]]</includeonly> to ensure all images using the tag are placed in the category but the tag itself is not. Finally, set up the category page. On the description page, please include the text {{Image template notice|name-of-the-tag}}.