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There are two processes for getting a page deleted. Which is appropriate depends on the reason for deletion. For either process, please include the phrase Nominated for deletion in the edit summary when nominating an article for deletion.

Fast deletion[edit]

Note that fast is a relative term - actual deletion may take several weeks depending on the availability of administrators to action requests.

A page may be nominated for fast deletion by adding {{Fast delete|reason}}. The creator of the page can object to fast deletion by adding the tag {{hangon}} to the page and explaining their objections on the page's discussion page. Anyone other than the creator of the page may simply remove the fast deletion template from the page if they object to deletion.

The current list of candidates for fast deletion can be found at Category:Candidates for fast deletion.

Reasons for fast deletion include:

  • Page is patent nonsense or gibberish.
  • Test pages.
  • Vandalism.
  • Author requests deletion.
  • Talk pages with no corresponding article.
  • Blatant advertising.
  • Blatant copyright infringement.
  • User pages for non-existent users.
  • Empty categories.
  • Image page for a corrupt or empty image.
  • Image page for a redundant image.
  • Redirects to non-existent pages.

The above list is not exhaustive.

Deletion proposals[edit]

To delete a page which does not meet the criteria for fast deletion, add {{subst:Deletion proposed|reason}} to the page. The proposed deletion should then be discussed on the page's discussion page. At least 14 days will be allowed for this discussion before an administrator decides whether or not to delete the page. Please note:

  • This is not a democracy. Whilst the administrators will usually go with the consensus, they are entitled to ignore the discussion and come to their own decision.
  • Anonymous contributors are entitled to express their views on page deletion.
  • Contributors with multiple usernames must not vote under more than one name in an attempt to create a false consensus.

Articles proposed for deletion can be found at Category:Deletion proposed.