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4/2/07 Tim Goodspeed

The wiki is becoming a good archive of images. Is there a way to view thumbnails of http://www.frheritage.org.uk/wikiimages/  ?? This would be useful in itself, but would also enable a bit more cross referencing as the subject of images will not show up in a wiki search.

4/2/07 Tim Goodspeed

Archived old discussion material to Archive 1

4/2/07 Peter Harrison

The short answer at the moment is no, there is no way to view thumbnails or even get a list of what's there. However, watch out for the new software! This will allow you to get a list of the files there. It will also allow images to be placed in categories. Viewing the category will give thumbnails of all the images in that category.

06/02/07 Andrew T.

House style.

What should the standard style for place names be? Is it Bryn y Felin, Bryn Y Felin, Bryn-y-Felin, Bryn-Y-Felin or Brynyfelin?

06/02/07 Chris Jones

Bryn-y-Felin please . Can you change the title of the pages you created to the correct spelling please as well. The letter y is 'the' in welsh and so does not warrant a capital letter'


07/02/07 Andrew T.

(yes, we must be very careful to get the SPEELING right)  :-)

The page already existed but I didn't want to change the speeling until I got a clarification on the format.

Comment from Keith KCB 07/02/07

I have checked with Ben (as our language man) and Peter H (as our wiki man) and the comments dont look too good. Bens comment - "This one's a bed of nails. I use Bryn y Felin but suspect Bryn y felin is the most technically correct. Brynyfelin is also in current local use. The capital y is definitely wrong though, and the hyphens are old fashioned."

However there is a problem with the way the wiki works, WHEN using hyphens, and as just founf out, single letters. As both Ben and Barrie use Bryn y Felin (albeit Barrie with hyphen), I have moved Andrews info to "Bryn y Felin" (no hyphens) which is the nearest compromise, add end off, amended Index, requested deletion on other 2 pages. Oops - wiki mandates the y as a Y - cannot get out of this yet!!

08/02/07 Ed Harris

I have just updated the Push-Pull page. Does anyone have any photo's of the Push-Pull slate wagggon tests we ran? There were several tests, one with pullman seats in the slate wagggons.

09 February 2007; Stewart

I think I may have some, will need to go digging through the archive.

17 Feb 2007 Tony Ellis

Following recent discussion on horse-haulage, I have added a lot more detail to (& revamped) the "1836 Horse Stations" page. However, I feel that this page now probably needs renaming to something more appropriate as it deals with a lot more than just the "horse stations". Perhaps someone would like to do what they think is appropriate.

Comment from Keith KCB 18/02/07 10:11

I have mailed/suggested to Tony to revert the "1836 Horse stations" to as was - as that was what it was. Further to create a new page, tentatively titled "Early Horse Operation" which is more descriptive for the way page has been edited. I will not change anything till Tony gets back on this

Tony Ellis, 18 Feb 2007 6.30pm

Thanks Keith. Got your message. Yes, by the time I had finished the article I had already come to the same conclusion. I have reverted to your last edit (as you say, no clashes re. detail), and created a new page called "Horse operation" (not _early_ Horse Operation as, if anything, it deals with _late_ horse operation - if you get my drift!) I have put a "see also" on both pages, but you are welcome to cross-link as necessary.

Adrian Gray 19th Feb 2007 13.50

I've just added the following to the bottom of Horse operation as I think Tony has overlooked a couple of points - then I realised it was better put here!! I leave it to Tony to adapt his text to reflect the points I make.

FR Gravity Trains (FRHG 1986 ISBN 0949022004) indicates that some of the assumptions were known to be false twenty years ago, viz. Horses did not just owrk one section time after time, a system existed to rotate them by a section each day in order to bring them to the smithies at Boston Lodge, Cae Ednyfed and Rhiwbryfdir. I also question that statement about dandies working across the Cob; they are not required to do so as they would be detatched when the waggons were weighed at Boston Lodge. As the horses worked both ways across the Cob dandies are not needed and would have been deadweight in the train, detracting from the traffic the horse(s) could haul and costing the FR money in weight based tolls to cross the Madocks estate. Tony also appears to have overlooked the horse changing station at Hafod y Llyn, between Rhiw Goch and Tafarn trip (see FRGT). ACG

Tony Ellis 19 Feb 14.48 Thanks Adrian, will do. By the way, my comment about Dandies on the Cob was merely a comment on the existing picture - no it's not a photo, but it would seem it happened!

Comment from Keith KCB 19/02/07 15:20'

Given all the work now taking place to get the gee gees right, I have added my oar in by reformatting the bottom in a specific manner. Can we keep to this form - unless anyone has other ideas? It may make it easier transferring to new format

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