Festipedia:Vandalism and spam policy

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As with any user created site Festipedia suffers regular attacks. Most commonly this takes the form of attempts to post spam links. Festipedia has a number of measures in place to combat such attacks including:

  • The user's IP address is checked various blacklists of addresses known to be used for spam
  • The user's IP address is checked to see if it is a known TOR exit node
  • There is a blacklist of page titles known to be commonly used for spam
  • Various blacklists of external links are checked
  • Edit filters block common forms of vandalism and spam
  • Some operations require the user to complete a Captcha

Unfortunately these precautions cannot block all vandalism or spam. In order to keep the level of attacks under control we adopt a zero tolerance approach.

  • Vandalism of a page by an anonymous user will result in the IP address being blocked. For a first offence the block will be for 1 month. A second offence will bring a 3 month block
  • Any account used for spam or vandalism will be blocked indefinitely
  • Any IP address used for creating multiple spam accounts will be blocked indefinitely

Note to administrators

The procedure to follow when a spam account is identified is as follows:

  • Block the account indefinitely
  • Use Special:CheckUser to find the IP address used to create the account
  • Use the "IP to users" function to see if other users have been created using this IP address
  • Use the "IP to edits" function to get a list of edits from this IP address
  • If these checks show that the IP address has been used to create 3 or more spam accounts and no valid accounts or legitimate edits block the IP address indefinitely