Glanrafon Quarry

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Notes from J I C Boyd[1] on Glanrafon Quarry.

This is an isolated quarry connected to the WHR about one mile below Ryd Ddu.


1875 Working by this date.

1878 E. M. Owen and others (including W. Hayward)

1879 W. H. Owen & Sons, Vulcan Foundry, Caernarfon

1892 E. H. and J. Owen

-1904 Glanrafon Slate Quarry Ltd. (liquidated 1916)

c 1916 Quarry closed

Output - tons:

1882 - 992

1886 - 3499


1882 - 97

1887 - 193

Rail System:

Nominal 2 foot gauge. Sidings 1881 on North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways. - a modified loop installed 1895. Incline connection to quarry - locos worked rubbish trains only. There is a quarter mile long tunnel.

There were four locomotive sheds:

Floor A in use to 1916

Floor B disused from 1900

Floor C disused from 1900

Floor 2 out of use since?

There were four locomotives:

Muriel an 0-40 Vertical boilere De Winton of c 1879 new to quarry?

Muriel an 0-4-0 Vertical boiler De Winton? to Tal-y-Sarn around 1894 following repairs by Vulcan Foundry Caernarfon.

Silurian an 0-4-0 saddle tank by Hunslet works number 601 of 1894 and sold back to Hunslet in c 1914.

Silurian an 0-4-0 tank engine possibly with outside cylinders and purchased second hand after 1894. Vulcan Foundry.


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