Gorseddau Junction and Portmadoc Railways Company

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This was originally the Tremadoc Tramway which carried mineral traffic from some time around, or before, 1845 from a point in Porthmadog to the location of the new hospital on the road from Tremadog to Penmorfa (Llidiart Yspytty), with a gauge of 3ft.

This was absorbed into the Gorseddau Tramway which came into being in around 1856 and extended from the above to the Gorseddau Quarry, some 3 miles directly North North East of Llidiart Yspytty. Unfortunately the tramway had a circuitous route of around 6.3 miles **.

This in itself became the basis for the Gorseddau Junction and Portmadoc Railways, which was incoporated by an Act of Parliament in 1872. This diverged from the previous route after about 4.5 miles from Llidiart Yspytty, at a point known as Braich y Bib (also spelled Braich y Big). It then veered north west for another 4.8 miles into Cwm Pennant, to the Prince of Wales quarry, some 7.5 miles North North West of Porthmadog. An additional branch led from a point near the Prince of Wales mill at Cwm Trwsgl to the metal mine in Cwm Dwyfor. These new lines were to 2ft nominal gauge, and the line from Portmadoc to Braich y Bib was regauged. It is not established if the line from Braich y Bib to Gorseddau Quarry was regauged, or used by the new company.

(The route has been mapped out and can be found here)

The connection with the FR occurred on the wharves of Portmadoc (long since removed) but to reach this point, had made use of the Croesor & Beddgelert Tram Railway Co. Ltd, utilising a short stretch of their track from the gas works site. (Soon to be the reopened WHR route).

An account of the history and surviving features of the line and the quarries it served can be found here

One significant structure remains and is accessible. This is the slate mill at Ynys y Pandy. This block of 6 photos was taken on Monday 28th May 2007, and are © Keith C. Bradbury

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