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Born May 22nd 1955
Manchester, UK
Died September 19th 2011
Probably Manchester
Education some
Employer Freelance
Occupation IT
Spouse Keith's Wife - Hazel
Parents deceased
Relatives too many!
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At the third stroke, it was 02:13 (UTC) on Sunday , April 21, 2024.

FR/RhE Activities[edit]

  • Number of single event as "front of house"
  • Number of turns on Buffet during 2004 and 2005, curtailed on medical grounds
  • One off weekend on Gwyndy Bank on PW - no offence lads but not my scene
  • One off weekend on WHR Ltd guard training
  • Demo Test site for RLS
  • The WHHG site I edit

FR Wiki Activities[edit]

This user rather likes the Ffestiniog Railway.
:Category:User English This user is proud to be English.
This user rather likes the Welsh Highland Railway.


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All about Me[edit]

I'm the wrong side of fifty, living on the eastern outskirts of Manchester, UK, with a love of narrowgauge railways in North West Wales, amongst many other things!


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Keith Bradbury

Keith was born on 22nd May 1955 and died on 19th September 2011 having lived all his life near Manchester. He had been a member of the FR Society since 2004 and of the FR Heritage Group since 2005. He claimed to have a love of narrow gauge railways in North-west Wales and also belonged to the Welsh Highland Railway Society and the Welsh Highland Heritage Group. He worked some turns on buffet cars, had a try-out with the PW but declared it was "not my scene" and had had a weekend training as a guard on the WHR.

However, he will be remembered for his work on the FR Heritage Group's Festipedia where his involvement must have been many times everyone else added together. In addition to this he ran the WHHG's website and set up a demonstration website for the FR Railway Letter Service.

He leaves a wife, Hazel.