H. T. Jones

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Hugh Thomas Jones was a cleaner, later a driver, on the WHR.

The NUR records show a Hugh Thomas Jones, fireman, (born 22 January 1898 in Garn Dolbenmaen) joining the union in 1915 so this is almost certainly the same person. He was only 13 when the 1911 census was taken and he is not shown either being at school or as a worker. His father died in that year and this may have spurred him on to join the railway (his mother was a cousin of Robert Williams Locomotive Superintendent). By December 1921 he was employed as a temporary driver on the FR, doing the bottom shunter turn. He then became a driver on the WHR. He died at the age of only 26 On 3rd October 1924 Royal Salop Infirmary. Intestate a batchelor without parents. At the time of his death he had a fixed place of abode at 17 Church Road, Dawley, Shropshire. with his sister Alice Mary Parrish wife of Charles Henry Tudor Parrish. His natural and lawful sister and one of next of kin.

H. T. Jones is possibly the person in the photo known as Boyd26H. (click here to see) This photo is labelled "A Group taken in the Works Yard before the First War". It is believed to be around 1913. It is not all staff from the yard at that time. There was a list attached to the original which declares who the people are. This person is believed to be in the fourth row from the back and the third person from the left handside.