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Every uploaded file has an image description page. The image page displays the image full size or at the size specified in your preferences. Below the image is a link to the full image.

Below the image are the summary and licensing details entered when the image was uploaded. This is the editable part of the page. As a minimum, every image must have licensing information otherwise it is likely to be deleted without notice.

After the editable information there will be a file history, showing details of each image uploaded. It is possible to replace an image by uploading a new image with the same name. If this happens, it will show up in the file history. Administrators see additional links in the file history allowing them to revert to an older version of the image and delete older images. The file history section of the page includes a link allowing a new version of the image to be uploaded. This uses the standard upload page but warnings relating to duplicate filenames are automatically suppressed.

After the file history is a list of file links. This shows all the pages that currently use the image. For some images, the file history is followed by a table showing the metadata contained within the image. The metadata may include information about the time and date of the photograph, the camera make and model, exposure and so on. If the metadata is present, only basic information will be displayed. More information can usually be seen by clicking on "Show extended details".

Finally, the list of categories in which the image is included is shown. You can add an image to any category by placing the appropriate tag on the editable part of the page. Using an image in an article will not result in the image being added to the same categories as the article.

The editable part of the page

On the editable part of the page, you should include a description of the image. This helps users who don't have direct access to the image. With appropriate software, it can be particularly useful to visually impaired users.

If other versions of the image exist, it would be helpful to other users if you listed them, ideally with links.

Note that, when you edit the page, preview will show only the editable part of the page. The image and the file list will not be displayed.


As an alternative the template {{ImageCaption}} can be used in place of the text in the editable part of the page. The template can be copied from the talk page and the relevant fields filled in. The talk page also includes instructions for filling in the fields and what is created (categories, etc) by the template.