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Every uploaded file has a description page. This consists of five parts:

  • The contents of the file itself.
  • The editable section: This should include a description of the file, plus source and copyright information. When editing, this section allows Wiki Markup Language (also known as Wikitext) and should include some or all the parameters of Template:Information.
  • File history: If a new version of a file is uploaded with the same name, the existing file is replaced and becomes available via file history. See Help:Page history.
  • File usage: A list of pages that embed the file (including pages where the file appears as part of a template).
  • Metadata (images only): Technical information about the file and the equipment used to create it (camera model, etc.).

The editable part of the page

On the editable part of the page, you should include a description of the image. This helps users who don't have direct access to the image. With appropriate software, it can be particularly useful to visually impaired users.

If other versions of the image exist, it would be helpful to other users if you listed them, ideally with links.

Note that, when you edit the page, preview will show only the editable part of the page.


As an alternative the template {{ImageCaption}} can be used in place of the text in the editable part of the page. The template can be copied from the talk page and the relevant fields filled in. The talk page also includes instructions for filling in the fields and what is created (categories, etc) by the template.