Help:Minor edit

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If you have logged in, a checkbox labelled "This is a minor edit" appears below the text box when you are editing a page. You should tick this box if you are only making superficial changes to the page. Any change that affects the meaning of the article is not a minor edit, even if you are only changing a single word.

Users can set their preferences to hide minor edits when viewing recent changes, so the distinction between major and minor edits is important.

Users who are not logged in cannot mark edits as minor to reduce the possibility of undetected vandalism.

An edit can be considered as minor if it includes only:

  • Spelling corrections
  • Simple formatting (capitalisation, et.)
  • Formatting that does not change the meaning of the page
  • Obvious factual errors (e.g. changing 1873 to 1973, where the event in question clearly took place in 1973)
  • Fixing layout errors
  • Adding links
  • Removing vandalism