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Searching this wiki is very simple. Just enter the search term in the "search" box (on the left of the screen) and click on one of the buttons.

The Go! button will try to find a page whose title matches your search term. If it finds one, it will be displayed. Note that this search is NOT case sensitive, although an article which matches the case of the search term will be preferred to one that does not. If no matching pages can be found, the Go! button does the same as the Search button.

The Search button brings up a list of pages containing the search term either in the title or in the text of the page. Again, this search is NOT case sensitive.


This wiki does not currently support wildcards in search terms.


By default, only the main namespace will be searched. If you are logged in you can set your preferences so that other namespaces are searched as well as or instead of the main namespace.


The search function only searches the source text of a page. If the page includes templates, for example, it is possible that the search term may appear on the page when you look at it but the search function fails to find a match because the search term is in the template, not the source text of the page.

Moreover, it treats the search terms as a single phrase, not a set of individual words. Searching for "built England", for example, will only find pages containing the phrase "build England". It will NOT find pages with the words "built" and "England" separated by other words or punctuation. If you put quote marks around your phrase, this will merely limit the search to those pages containing the phrase in quote marks! Modifications to provide a more standard search facility may take place at some point in the future.


This site is indexed by Google. Relevant results will appear in normal searches. You can also tell Google you want to search this wiki by following this link:


Another way of searching is by categories.