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If you want to display an image, video or sound clip on a page, you must upload the file containing the image. Currently it is not possible to upload any other type of file to the wiki.

Before you upload any image, please make sure that you are not infringing copyright by doing so. You should only upload an image if it is:

  • copyright free, or
  • licensed appropriately, or
  • you created the image yourself and are willing to license it appropriately.

You can only upload images if you are logged in and your account has been autoconfirmed. Your account will automatically become autoconfirmed when you have been a registered user for at least 4 days and have made at least 10 edits.

You start the process by clicking on the "Upload file" link. In the default skin, this is on the left hand side of any page. Clicking on this link brings up a form.

  • Source filename. This is the full path of the file on your computer. In most browsers, there will be a "Browse..." button alongside this field. Clicking on this button will bring up your computer's standard "open file" dialog. Choosing a file and clicking "Open" will put the full path of the file into the source filename text box.
  • Destination filename. This will be the name of the image on the wiki. When you choose a source filename, the destination filename will normally be completed automatically. The first character of the filename will be forced to upper case and spaces will be replaced with underscores. Please make the filename descriptive to avoid confusion. If you want to specify a different destination filename to the one suggested by the form, please note:
    • You must not remove the file extension (i.e. the characters following the last fullstop in the filename). If you do, the wiki software will reject the file on the grounds that it is not an image.
    • The filename specified will be modified to ensure that the first character is upper case and that all spaces are replaced with underscores. If the filename includes any characters that are not allowed in page titles, they will be replaced by '-'.
  • Summary. This text will appear on the image description page. You can put anything you want here. You should specify the author of the image (if you created it yourself, you can use your username) plus any other information that would be useful to other users viewing the image.
  • Licensing. Choose the correct license for the image. This will place an appropriate template on the image description page. If none of the licenses listed are appropriate, choose any license then, after uploading the file, edit the image description page to replace the incorrect license with the correct one. When you select a license, the text that will appear on the image description page will be displayed.
  • Watch this page. Check this box if you want the image description page to be added to your watchlist. Note that watching the page will only tell you about changes to the editable part of the image description page. It will not tell you when the image is used in a new article.
  • Ignore any warnings. When you upload the file the wiki will warn you if there is already an image of that name or a similar name, or if it appears that the image is a thumbnail. Check this box to suppress these warnings.

When you have completed the form, press the "Upload file" button to upload the image. This may take some time if you have a slow internet connection or are uploading a large image. Note that you cannot upload any image larger than 1,048,576 bytes (1 megabyte). If you need to upload a larger file, you must contact the webmaster.

You can update an image by uploading a file with the same name as the existing image. Note that the image description page will not be updated with the new summary and licensing details when you upload a new file. If you need to change these details, you will have to edit the image description page by hand. If you re-upload an image, this will be recorded in the edit history of the page as well as being recorded in the upload log.

File types

You can only upload a file if it is one of the supported file types, currently png, gif, jpg, jpeg, pdf, ogg, ogv, svg, oga, tiff, tif, flac, wav and webm. The filename extension must match one of these types. Note that this check is case insensitive, so JPEG, jpeg, Jpeg and jpEg would all be allowed.

JPEG is the preferred format for photographs and other images with a lot of different colours. SVG is preferred for icons and similar fixed-colour images.