Hendy Crossing

Coordinates: 53°07′34″N 4°16′24″W / 53.12623°N 4.27338°W / 53.12623; -4.27338
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Hendy Crossing
Type Level Crossing
Status In Use
Construction No. LC B
Operational No. LC 21.43
Latitude 53:07:34N
Longitude 4:16:24W
Grid reference SH479611
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53°07′34″N 4°16′24″W / 53.12623°N 4.27338°W / 53.12623; -4.27338

Hendy Crossing is the first major road crossing on the Welsh Highland Railway route out of Caernarfon. The crossing is of a private road that makes a junction with the main road that runs parallel to the railway immediately after the crossing. The visibility at the crossing is very poor, especially from up trains, resulting in a strict speed limit. Originally trains had to be prepared to stop at the crossing before proceeding, but this is no longer the case. This change occurred as many vehicle drivers interpreted the train stopping as "giving way"; this led to several near-misses. As a result, trains now proceed across the crossing at 5MPH with copious use of the whistle (especially from certain drivers).

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