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iBase refers to the host of the F&WHR Online Photo Archive, which since early 2016 has made available for public viewing many pictures from the FR Archives from the 1870s to the present day.

Its URL (Web address) is http://www.ffwhresource.com/

Some pages on Festipedia refer to these pictures as 'iBase xxx' where xxx represents a number. To find the picture on iBase, simply enter the number in the search box at the top right (below the Large England) and click "Search".

The home page invites you to register and log in, but it is not necessary to do so in order to view the pictures. There is no Help page, but operation seems straightforward. If you click on "Select All" you will see a page of pictures, and at the bottom you will see there are many more pages, a total of 4265 images by November 2021. A few are duplicates but most are previously unpublished, and more may be added from time to time.

It will take some time to go through all the pages so if you know the number the simplest approach is to enter the number in the Search box. In most cases this will take you there, unless the number occurs also elsewhere in the name of the picture, for instance if you enter 1934 it will not give you just Picture 1934 but also several pictures taken in 1934. In such cases select "Field Search" and put the number in iBase ID leaving the other fields blank, and that should take you there. You can also search by subject, e.g. "Merddin Emrys" or "Duffws", but bear in mind the result will depend on how pictures are described, for instance a picture of ME at Duffws may be indexed as 'Double Fairlie at Blaenau'.

Some contributors are copying iBase images into Festipedia, but it is worth viewing them on iBase itself as you can then zoom in to examine details. A few are only snapshots and will not stand much magnification, but many reveal details hitherto unknown, a delight for the cornermen and rivet-counters.

Some of the pictures have dates and other information, some do not have much and a few may need correction. There is since April 2020 a project in progress to put up images on the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways Insider Facebook page (initially four a day, but less frequently in 2021) and comments are invited from readers. Much additional information has come to light (and been peer-reviewed) and many descriptions have been extended and in some cases corrected.

Most of the pictures were uploaded by Valerie Lewin, some by Sam Miller and Iain Wilkinson, and big thanks are due to them and to the FR management and Archivist for making this very valuable resource available.