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iBase refers to the host of the F&WHR Online Photo Archive, which since early 2016 has made available for public viewing many pictures from the FR Archives from the 1870s to the present day.

Its URL (Web address) is http://www.ffwhresource.com/

Most of the original pictures were uploaded by Valerie Lewin, some by Sam Miller and Iain Wilkinson, and big thanks are due to them and to the FR management and Archivist for making this very valuable resource available.Since then many more have been uploaded and others await uploading.

Some pages on Festipedia refer to these pictures as 'iBase xxxx' where xxxx represents a number. To find the picture on iBase, go into 'Field Search' and enter the number in the 'Identifier' box and click "Search".

The home page invites you to register and log in, but it is not necessary to do so in order to view the pictures. However in the new version, you will see the images with a watermark and of limited resolution. If you are a member of either of the FR or WHR Heritage Groups then you will be able to log in and see most images at full resolution and without the watermark. Some images have a copyright restriction to their parent organisation and may need still to be shown at limited resolution with a watermark.

The Field Search function also enables you to search on other details stored against each item, so you can also search by subject in the description, e.g. "Merddin Emrys" or "Duffws", but bear in mind the result will depend on how pictures are described, for instance a picture of ME at Duffws may be indexed as 'Double Fairlie at Blaenau'.

In the new version one may also look at items under 'Collections' where the photographs by a particular individual, or covering a particular subject are grouped together for easier access. Another new feature will be rolled out as time permits, where the geolocation is included in the description and will enable photographs taken from similar positions to be compared.