Minffordd Brick Built Store

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Minffordd Brick Built Store
Location Minffordd Yard Brick built store adjacent to side of New Stores Building
Register No 84
T. Corner ID MY036
Operational Yes
Heritage Status None
Historical significance A 'traditionally built' brick building with sloping roof with a currently unknown 'heritage'. It is now used as a paint store by Infrastructure Department. Previously used for storing Thermit Welding equipment (confirmed - see Rail weld).

It was built circa 18?? 19?? and was originally built for (to be inserted).

A note on the 2015 Building Register just states 'Paint Store' although this read 'Thermit Store' on Sep 2013 Register'

An 'heritage looking' building with a history that can still be used that has a history that requires further research.

(More to be amended/added to by other Festipedia contributors please.)

Materials and workmanship: Pitched slate roofed building with brick walls. Single external door which appears to be made from sheet steel cladding off-cut. Single external window (material to be inserted). Steel and mesh secure 'cage to one side. (More to be added post internal inspection/survey once undertaken).

Cadw Blg ID Not listed (tbc)
Description External - see above. Internal description to be added when surveyed.
Present use July 2015: used as a paint store by Infrastructure Department(to be confirmed).
Previous use Thermit welding equipment Store 19?? - 20?? Previous to this use as a (More to be added by other Festipedia contributors please.)
Condition A survey of the current external and internal conditions is required. Damaged brickwork on one corner (see phototgraph) . Confirmation of duration of current use as a paint store is required.
Recent works Unknown (details to be inserted).
  1. Roof: Pitched slate
  2. Door and Windows: see above.
  3. Walls: Brick (solid or cavity to be confirmed post Internal and External Survey)
  4. Reinstatements: External wall requires repair where facing brickwork has deteriorated (see photograph below)
  5. Gutters: none.
Urgent and Immediate Repairs required External brickwork repair see above. Any internal repairs to be confirmed post internal inspection/survey.
Less urgent repairs See under urgent. Internal repairs await internal survey.
Improvements needed To be considered post external and internal survey.
Potential alternative uses July 2015: unknown.

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