Navigation School

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A navigation school was established in Porthmadog by 1844 for Eames tells us:[1]

"The actual date of William Griffith's arrival at Porthmadog to teach navigation is uncertain, but he was sufficiently well established to be the only name under 'Acadamies and Schools' in Slater's Directory for 1844. He had seen service in the Royal Navy, and must have been quite a character for he was still remembered with affection many years later for his cork-leg, his bachelor independence, the hammock in which he always slept, slung from the roof beams, the strongly made slippers he wore, the all-pervading aroma of fried herrings and onions, his favourite dish, and the navigation and seamanship lessons he held, first of all in a room near the foor of Grisiau Mawr, the steep steps leading to PenCei, and later in the schoolroom of Berea Chapel, Terrace Road."


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