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Quite a number of newspapers in New South Wales and Australia have articles that mention the Festiniog Railway.

Quite a number of towns and places in Australia are named for places in Wales and the United Kingdom.

The significance of the citation of a newspaper depends on its circulation, which in turns depends on the population of the area where it covers, and any newspaper competition.

Table[edit source]

Rather than have an individual article for each paper, there is a combined table for all papers. The Years column show dates of first and last issue of paper, noted that the NLA has only scanned up to about 1955.

K1 Years Place Paper Full Name Circulation
Text Reference K2
005 1860-2017 AUS-TAS Hobart [1] MercH The Mercury 221,000 [2] ZZ
015 1864-1881 AUS-NSW Goulburn [3] GH&C The Goulburn Herald And Chronicle 23,005 [4] MICE.
025 2001 AUS 000 Ref TT
035 1888 AUS 000 Ref UU
995 2017 AUS 000 Ref YY

Newspapers[edit source]

CC[edit source]

The Cornwall Chronicle, Tasmania. [5]

GH&C[edit source]

The Goulburn Herald And Chronicle.

GoulH[edit source]

Goulburn Herald, NSW.

HamSp[edit source]

Hamilton Spectator, Victoria.

LA[edit source]

Launceston Examiner, Tasmania. 2nd City of Tasmania.

MercH[edit source]

The Mercury, Hobart, Tasmania. Capital City of Tasmania.

SAC&WM[edit source]

South Australian Chronicle And Weekly Mail.

SMH[edit source]

The Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, New South Wales. Major newspaper in major state capital city.

SM&NSWA[edit source]

The Sydney Mail And New South Wales Advertiser.

SydMail[edit source]

Sydney Mail

WeekEx[edit source]

Weekly Examiner.

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References[edit source]

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