Polytunnel for S&T trains

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Polytunnel for S&T trains
Location Minffordd Yard A relocatable portable polytunnel building located in August 2015 close to the Infrastructure Department Offices at the west end of the yard.
Register No 82a
T. Corner ID MY004
Operational Yes
Heritage Status None
Historical significance Purchased and first located in 201? to allow the S&T department to load and unload their works trains undercover. (to be confirmed)
Cadw Blg ID Not listed
Description External & Internal - A proprietary portable polytunnel supplied by (to be inserted) in 201?. Constructed of heavy-duty polythene sheet fixed to semi-circular (aluminium?) frames.
Present use July 2015: used as undercover storage portable undercover store for loading and unloading S&T trains.
Previous use Unknown
Condition A survey of its current condition is required.
Recent works Unknown (details to be inserted).
  1. Roof and walls: Heavy-duty polythene sheet fixed to semi-circular (aluminium?) frames.
  2. Door and Windows: none
  3. Walls: See above.
  4. Reinstatements: Await full survey.
  5. Gutters: None.
Urgent and Immediate Repairs required Assumed none but await full survey.
Less urgent repairs Await survey
Improvements needed Assumed none (to be confirmed).
Potential alternative uses August 2015: unlikely

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