Portable Building Mess Room

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Portable Building Mess Room
Location Minffordd Yard Portable building Mess room close to rear of Minffordd Goods Shed
Register No 83
T. Corner ID MY035
Operational Yes
Heritage Status None


Historical significance None - a utilitarian building now used as a mess room by volunteers at weekends and weekdays (to be confirmed).

It was acquired from (to be inserted) and placed in its current location circa 20** (to be inserted.)

There are currently no notes on the 2013 Building Register about this building or its future in light of the 'new 'messing ' facilites that will be provided in the new Workshop building.

(More to be added by other Festipedia contributors please.)

Materials and workmanship: Flat roofed portable building manufactured by (to be inserted) and relocated to Minffordd Yard circa (to be inserted). Symmetrical fenestration and external access configuration. Recent external redecorations to front elevation and side elevation adjacent to Minffordd Goods Shed; rear elevation and other side elevation appear dilapidated and require redecoration. (More to be added post internal inspection/survey once undertaken).

Aluminium single glazed windows (6 No.) and external wooden doors and frames (2no).

Structure supported on 4 No rectangular steel (tbc) adjustable legs supported on concrete pad foundations (tbc).

Cadw Blg ID Not listed (tbc)
Description External - see above. Internal description to be added when surveyed.
Present use July 2015: used as a mess room by volunteers at weekends and weekdays (to be confirmed).
Previous use (More to be added by other Festipedia contributors please.)
Condition A survey of the current external and internal conditions is required and confirmation of any future plans plans for its removal and/or relocation.
Recent works Apparent redecorations to two external walls. (any further details to be inserted).
  1. Roof: Flat - ?-layer sheet - to be surveyed.)
  2. Door and Windows: see above.
  3. Walls: see above.
  4. Reinstatements: To be inserted.
  5. Gutters: none.
Urgent and Immediate Repairs required Redocorations to two external walls if building retained and relocated on railway property. To be confirmed post internal inspection/survey.
Less urgent repairs External and internal repairs required (to be confirmed)
Improvements needed To be considered post external and internal survey.
Potential alternative uses July 2015: unknown.

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  • 49-85 Minffordd Yard: besides being a list of other buildings at Minffordd Yard, it might also contain more information about this one.