Spooner & Co.

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Spooner & Co was a company of railway consultants formed by Charles Easton Spooner. It operated at Harbour Station for some time.

Boyd records that a Spooner & Co. designed locomotive called Taffy from Votty & Bowydd Quarry was repaired at Boston Lodge in 1915. According to Bradley and Hindley it was an 0-4-0 tank engine built by Vulcan Foundry in 1878. It seems Spooner & Co had arrangements with Vulcan Foundry to get their locomotive designs built.

Boyd has a nine page appendix (No. 2) about Spooner & Co. "In fact, one may ask how many of those early narrow gauge schemes in which the whole Spooner family, each or collectively, were engaged, were born beside the Glaslyn?" asks Boyd. "One may hazard the suggestion that ALL the many schemes for narrow gauge projects of 2 foot gauge in North Wales, sprang from Spooner & Co. even if they used others as their mouthpieces." The locomotive designer for Spooner & Co. was G P Spooner and the business declined after he left the company and England in 1879/80.


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