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Did some people who had debenture stock not take up the offer of the ordinary stock?[edit source]

> By December 1989 £269,500 of debenture stock and £1,035 of ordinary stock had been issued.

As 1035 multiplied by 250 is 258750, which is 10750 less than 269500, does that mean that the offer of £43 of ordinary stock was not taken up? Or something else?

Is the £1 ordinary stock transferable, in particular by inheritance?[edit source]

Is the £1 ordinary stock transferable, in particular by inheritance?

Can the £1 stock be bequeathed in a will?

If so, is a new certificate issued? If so, what is the design and is it hand lettered in the manner of the original?

If by inheritance, can it be arranged that the original certificate is not surrendered?

If the original certificate is required to be surrendered, is it conserved as part of the historical collection or is it destroyed or is it defaced in some way and just kept in just an administrative manner rather than as part of the historical collection?

Has any of the £1 ordinary stock been transferred thus far? If so, how was this done please?