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Should we really have this information here?

It's really for the Company to decide what they publicise about their staff.

It would be fine for pre-preservation staff (who are all now deceased, I think), but I don't think current staff information should be here.

--Edward Harris 17:05, 21 August 2007

Ed, it is the considered opinion of the wiki administrators that the simple list does not represent a breach of data protection rules, nor should it cause staff any problems. It is, after all, nothing more than might appear in the FR Mag, for instance, and that can be counted as the public domain.

We have, as you will have seen on the eGroup, blocked the reproduction of the FR Directory for precisely the sort of concerns you express. If the list on the wiki contained any more detail it might be a different matter.

Any member of staff having concerns can ask to be removed from the list.

I hope that reassures you. Adrian Gray

Fair enough. It was just a concern following the discussion on the eGroup about the FR Directory.

Cheers --Edward Harris 08:34, 22 August 2007

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