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This map, provided by the company, is linked with geographic "hot-spots" Hovering the mouse over many items will give a description, and where available, clicking it will take you to the relevant page within the wiki. It was created over an evening of learing how to use hotspots, and included time to create relevant maps

Clicking on the map in general, within the approximate 4 clockface quarters will currently take you to another enlarged road map of that area. The clockface quarters are split roughly be two lines. One running vertically through Porthmadog splits east and west, whilst a curving line through Rhyd Ddu and Tan y Bwlch.

Major update, some time later[edit source]

The background map has changed at least three times since its original creation and is now one created by Roger Dimmick of the FR, for which my thanks are extended. All locations are linked into respective pages.