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This is a convenience and "code mess reduction" template wrapper for {{crossreference|{{{1}}}|printworthy=yes}}.

Usage[edit source]

This accepts the following parameters:

  • Unnamed first parameter, or named as |text= or |content= – The cross-reference text (required). While the explicit naming of this parameter with 1=, text=, or content= is not required, it is always safest to use it this way, since any = character in the text will break the template if the parameter is unnamed.
  • |class= or |extraclasses= any extra CSS classes to be added. This should not normally be used.

Intended uses[edit source]

  • This is primarily intended for use in disambiguation pages, set index articles, portals, and other "user-facing content but not really an article" places where an inter-page explicit Festipedia self-reference should be printable because the page in question would not be useful if printed with these links suppressed as self-refs.
  • It should be used for cross-references in regular articles that are to another section at the same page; we have no reason to suppress those.
  • It can also be used in lists when the cross-reference is to a separate article but this topic also has an entry in the list at the same name as that external article (i.e., the cross-reference will still be useful if the material is being read offline).
  • It can also be used in internal Festipedia pages like guidelines, where we have no need to suppress self-refs (all guideline material and the like is one giant self-ref).

It's for things like the following, i.e. cases of "Festipedia interrupting to directly address the reader" – but only A) on pages where these instructive comments must be printable for the page to be useful because of the kind of page it is, or B) because the specific cross-reference is to more content in the same page:

  • {{crossref-print|(See [[Early life of Foo of Baria]] for more detail.)}}
  • {{crossref-print|This list does not include doodas or deedas, which are covered at [[Doodalidae]] and [[List of doodalids]].}}
  • * '''Baz Quuxians''': {{crossref-print|See [[#Quux Bazians|Quux Bazians]]}} – in any page, since this is a cross-reference to the same page.
  • * '''Baz Quuxians''': {{crossref-print|See [[Quux Bazians]]}} – in a list that also has a summary-style entry by this name: * '''Quux Bazians''': ...

Do not use for ...[edit source]

  • General wikilinks (as in She has been the CEO of [[XYZ124 Ltd]] since 2005); those are always printable.
  • Self-references in regular articles that point to other pages. Use {{Crossreference}} (AKA {{crossref}}) for that – it's what that template was created for. Example: ...after the end of the war. {{crossref|(See [[Aftermath of the Foo–Bar War of 1817]].)}}. Inter-article cross-references should be suppressed, because our article content is intended to stand alone as plain text if printed; any kind of "dependency" on some other page which cannot be accessed except when you're right here at Festipedia is hidden from printed versions (and anything else that makes use of the printworthiness classes to "clean" the content for reuse).