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Princess in 2018

Princess (originally The Princess) is a steam locomotive built for the Festiniog Railway in 1863. One of the line's original locomotives, it continued in use (much rebuilt) until the closure of the railway in 1946, when it hauled the final train.

Princess has not been restored to working order but has been cosmetically restored, allowing it to act as a roving ambassador for the railway at various locations and events. There are currently no plans to rebuild the locomotive.

Princess was named after Princess Alexandra of Denmark (later Queen Alexandra) (1844-1925), who had married Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (later Edward VII, 1840-1910) in March 1863.

The Princess was one of the first four FR locomotives built by George England & Co. at Hatcham Iron Works. It is now numbered 1, but there is doubt about the order of building and numbering of the first four England engines. As originally built, it was a side tank locomotive with an open footplate.

The Princess was the second locomotive to be delivered. This engine, was carried by the LNWR from London to Caernarfon and then brought (around 22 July 1863) by road to Portmadoc on Job and Harry Williams' specially built cart or wain drawn by ten horses. This was the first locomotive to run on the railway and was first steamed on 4 August 1863. The Princess was numbered 1 in the earliest of photographs, however Charles Spooner referred to her as No. 2 in 1879, perhaps remembering the order of delivery. (more...)