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Gan y Mor Yard in June, 1964

Glan y Mor yard is the area to the south west of Boston Lodge works. At the very far end originally stood three gunpowder stores, which have now been demolished. The gunpowder was for quarry use and stored by Messrs. Curtiss & Harvey. The explosives were once brought by sea by ships which were not allowed to enter port and it was landed by a wooden barge flying a red flag in small quantities at Portmadoc Harbour and delivered to Glan-y-Mor in the gunpowder vans with the wrap-over steel roofs. There were regulations requiring the gun powder vans to be marshalled as far as possible away from the steam locomotives. Each store was roughly square in shape and separated by considerable distances, presumably meant to reduce the chance of one major explosion. As modern buildings were erected in Glan-y-Mor yard since the sixties these historic but redundant and ruined buildings have gradually all been demolished.

The picture shows Glan y Mor Yard in 1964 from near Pen Cob. The ruined gunpowder stores are on the right.

Photo credit: Ron Fisher

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