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Meaning[edit source]

tltt stands for "template link with tooltip". "tt" also stood for the <tt>...</tt> tags that formerly surrounded it (for compliance with HTML5 these were replaced with <kbd>...</kbd>, which also displays a monospaced font).

Usage[edit source]

Like {{tl}} (see documentation), with an additional parameter for the tooltip. This will be displayed when user hovers over the curly braces. (Try it right here: {{Any template}}!)

The template is meant to be used in pages where it is desirable to provide a bit more explanation for a template than what its name reveals.

Differently from {{tl}}, the font is set in monospace, so that all text appears in non-proportional font.

The template also permits up to two named parameters, like so:

{{tltt|Template name|Tooltip text|par=First parameter=1|par2=Second parameter=2}}


{{Template name|First parameter=1|Second parameter=2}}

Known problems[edit source]

  • On some systems, the text only displays when user hovers over the curly braces, not over the link itself.
  • It is not possible to include double quotes in the text. Use single quotes instead.