Thomas Morris (I)

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Thomas Morris (I)
Employer NWNGR
Occupation Guard
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Believed to have been born in 1852 at Llaniestyn, moving to Llanwnda shortly after he was born, then Bontnewydd by 1871. LNWR Records show a fireman Thomas Morris at Crewe between 1873 & 1875, but he had moved back to Llanwnda with his wife, Emily Eldridge, by 1877. The 1881 census recorded him as "Guard Narrow Gauge Railway", a position which carries on through to the 1911 census. Was involved in the Snowdon Ranger derailment; during the inquiry he stated he had been a guard since 1878.

Listed by Boyd as still employed by the NWNGR on General Duties in 1922 [1], and could potentially be the elderly guard encountered by PB Whitehouse in 1933. Thomas Morris died aged 83 in 1935. [2]


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