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My first memory of narrow gauge steam railways was at the age of three when my family took me to Whipsnade Zoo. This was the first year of operation of the 2ft 6in railway there and I was much more fascinated by the steaming monsters than the lions and elephants. Luckily my family own a cottage in Wales where I spent most of my childhood holidays. As a result I visited the Welsh narrow gauge lines, which quickly cemented by love of those railways. Early on I found copies of Boyd's books in my local library and was quickly hooked on the Ffestiniog Railway. I volunteered on several railways, including the Corris and the Leighton Buzzard. After a stint away at the usual pursuits, I have

For 13 years I lived in the United States, so I didn't get to north Wales as often as I would have liked. Having returned to the UK in 2009, I'm now getting involved with the railways again, to the extent allowed by my two daughters. I've driven Taliesin and Lyd on both railways, and hope to do so again in the near future.

Railway Activities[edit source]

I was lucky enough to drive Taliesin on a Guest Driver day a few years ago, and I try to help publicize the railway on the web, both on this wiki and on the main English Wikipedia where I am a contributor to many railway related articles.

During 2013, I have been working with Chris Thorpe of Flexiscale to laser scan and 3D print models of the George England locos. This involved a day spent at Boston Lodge in February, pointing lasers at the locos. By October, we've got the data converted into 3D CAD models, ready for printing out at any scale you want.

FR Wiki Activities[edit source]

I am particularly interested in the slate quarries and their associated tramways: Rhiwbach, Cwmorthin and Croesor. I have a general interest in all matters historical. I try to contribute to the wiki where I can.

Books[edit source]

My book about the FR's George England locomotives was published on Blurb in 2013. For more details and to buy a copy, please visit: Festiniog Locos

I have written a number of articles and books on narrow gauge railways, detailed on my home page.

Crow or Quine?[edit source]

I sometimes appear as Dan Crow, sometimes as Dan Quine. What is that all about? Crow is my family surname, but when our twin daughters were born, my wife and I decided to take a new surname for the four of us. So legally I am Dan Quine. I'm gradually changing over everything to Quine.