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I am a railway enthusiast from London with a particular interest in the F&WHR. My distance from the top left-hand corner precludes regular volunteering in person (although I do try and visit as often as possible). To make up for this, I help look after Festipedia, the FR wiki.

I mainly correct errors and improve the quality of articles. I also take photos to fill any gaps when I go up to the TLC. I also have an interest in the carriage fleet, articles about which I create the most original content for. My hope is that one day the profile of the wiki will be increased and the range of contributors widened so that this resource can grow and more people benefit from it.

Although this page may make it seem like I have some aptitude in using wikitext, reality is actually the opposite! I rely mainly on copying coding from Wikipedia, and fiddling about with it until it works! (Thanks to Peter for sorting out the mess I sometimes create during my explorations...) I have helped introduce and manage infoboxes, navigation boxes and user boxes (although Eheaps did most of the hard graft and deserves all of the credit). This helps to make Festipedia a more easily navigable place and thus more usable.

I have a big grand improvement plan for Festipedia, but it’ll have to wait until I get time...

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