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  • Though the Ffestiniog Railway, and the Welsh Highland Railway are commercial operations, they rely on the support of many people who give either their time or their money (or both) towards the upkeep and running of the railways.

In the case of the Ffestiniog, it was a moribund railway, whose business had declined so much, that operations had ceased just after WWII for 8 years. It was a dedicated band of volunteer enthusiasts that brought the line back to life in 1955. Since that time, they have assisted in all aspects in the operation now extending from Harbour Station

In the case of the Welsh Highland, a railway closed and lifted over 70 years ago, much of the multimillion pound rebuild has relied on volunteers providing manpower, and assistance in numerous fields.

Volunteering can take many forms, and doesn't have to be "on site" on the railways. This website is financed by people who are interested in the heritage of the Festiniog Railway Company, and supported by many people, mostly many miles distant from North Wales. There are numerous opportunities, for working outdoors, in engineering, in an office, catering, and on-train work

It should be stressed that membership of a society is not required for people to volunteer. However, if you become a regular at volunteering, then membership would enable you to belong more, not just to the team you are with, but the whole F&WHR family.

Please see the FRS or WHRS sites for more details

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