WHR E-group/Charter

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The Charter for the e-group. This version contains a corrected link to the RFC1855 file

This is a general discussion group for history, preservation, modelling, rebuilding and operating of the Welsh Highland Railway, and its predecessors.

Membership is limited to those who have a genuine interest in the aims stated above.

Messages are welcomed that relate to any of the aims of the list. Messages must not be libellous, abusive (either to other members or to non members), and must not contain swear words. Messages must not incite or glorify illegal acts. Commercial advertisements and unsolicited spam are generally not allowed. An exception is made for advertisements for the benefit of the WHR (e.g. special train running this weekend); these are allowed provided they relate in some obvious way to the common interests of members as expressed in the aims, above. Members should use the general Netiquette Guidelines (RFC1855), especially Section 3.

If in the view of the moderators, a member breaches any of the rules, their messages will be moderated until the moderators agree that this is no longer required. If a member is moderated, then they will be informed and they will be told why they have been moderated. Messages from a moderated member will be accepted or rejected but not modified by the moderator. If in the view of the moderators, a member grossly breaches the rules and refuses to abide by them even after a period under moderation, then the member will be removed from the list, and a note and reason will be posted to the list explaining why. The person will not be allowed to rejoin. The first few messages from each new member will be moderated for a short probation period. This will usually not last more than one month.