Wall on Quarry edge

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Quarry Wall
Location Boston Lodge East side of the Yard
Heritage Status Not listed but significant. Wall dates back to early days of the site.
Historical significance 2012 Conservation Statement Description:-

The curved stone wall above the east end of the top yard to the south of the current access road to the yard may well have been part of a wall on one side of the junction of the roadway to Penrhyn Isaf and the road to Minffordd. Remains of a further section of wall can be seen on the other side of a ramp that could have been the original route to Penrhyn Isaf. A further small wall is across a dip further south above the site of the 1877 carpenters’ shop. To the east of it a ramp continues towards the original roadway to Penrhyn Isaf. It is believed that the ramp originally continued westwards behind the 1847 Works down to the Cob though the archway and that at some time after the roadway was diverted via the level crossing at the Halt, possibly when the corrugated iron joiners shop was built in 1877, the ramp was removed and the wall was built to protect the drop.

Urgent and Immediate Repairs required The following repairs are urgently required (2013):-
  1. Regular inspection recommended to ascertain stability.
Less urgent repairs A summary of the repairs required are as follows:-
  1. Regular maintenance as required.