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Born in London in 1931 (real name: John Pratt) and joined the Royal Navy in 1949. He retired as Lieutenant-commander in the engineering branch, 1963, and died in 2001.

Author of a number of books on various naval themes but is listed here in connection with his writing of a history of the FR, The Little Wonder, published by Michael Joseph in 1975 and 1986 (revised), used for reference material in this Wiki.

  • 1975 edition ISBN 0-7181-1364-0
  • 1986 revised hardback edition ISBN 0-7181-2712-9
  • 1986 revised softcover edition ISBN 0-7181-2728-5

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  • Winton, John (1986) [1975]. The Little Wonder: The Story of The Festiniog Railway. London, England, W1: Festiniog Railway & Michael Joseph Ltd. ISBN 9780718109943. OCLC 1858833.{{cite book}}: CS1 maint: location (link)

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