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Not all names connected with the railway are listed here. Names are constantly being added as information is published either here or in the respective heritage magazines. Therefore you may not find an Aneurin Davis, a driver in 1932 here, but you may find him in the Category:People listing. Where a prefix appears, this just distinguishes if person where connected
(F) = Pure old Festiniog Company
(N) = Post 1954 New era connection
(O) = Pre 1954 Old FR Company with maybe WHR connection
(P) = Predecessor companies to WHR (i.e. NWNGR, PBSSR)
(W) = Old Welsh Highland company
There is also a page for WHR Personalities, covering NWNGR, PBSSR, the WHR of 1923, the WHR Limited and the WHR Caernarfon operation. Titles, where applicable have been omitted here, but appear on relevant pages. For more specific dates, please see the individuals personal entry

Personalities, Festiniog Railway Company
O/N Name
(O) Aitchison, G. C.
(N) Allen, Ken
(F) Archer, Henry
(O) Austen, W. H.
(N) Bailey, Trevor
(N) Babbage, John
(N) Bellamy, Bill
(O) Bleasdale, R. H.
(N) Bantock,Hamilton
(N) Boughey, Fred
(N) Boyd, James I.C.
(N) Broadbent, Bill
(N) Campbell, Andrew
(N) Catchpole, Keith
(O) Chaloner W. Chute
(N) Clayton, Eileen
(N) Colville, Mike
(N) Coulson, Steve
(N) Creamer, Elizabeth
(N) Creamer, Harold
(O) Davies, Evan M.
(O) Davies, Evan R.
(N) Davies,Michael
(N) Davies, Philip Vaughan
(FN) Davies, Tom
(N) Dillon, Robert
(N) Dukes, Paul
(N) Edwards, Lottie
(N) Elvy, Mike
(O) England, George
(ON) Evans, Robert
(O) Fairlie, Robert Francis
(N) Fryer, Alan
(N) Fiennes, Gerry
(N) Garraway, Allan
(N) Garraway, Ron
(N) Gilbert, Fred
(N) Gibbons, John
(N) Girdlestone, Phil
(N) Goss, Roger
(N) Gray, Adrian
(N) Gurley, Norman
(N) Harrison, John
(N) Harrison, Peter
(N) Hart, Mike
(N) Harvey, Bill
(N) Heath-Humphrys, Leonard
(N) Hewett, Jim
(N) Heywood, Alan
(O) Holland, Samuel
(N) Hoole, Bill
(N) Howes, Fred
(O) Hughes, John S
(O) Iggulden, J. Arthur
(N) Johnson, Peter
(O) Jones, Bessie
(N) Jones, Eddie
(N) Jones, Morris
(O) Jones, Will
(N) Josey, David
(N) Lambert, Arthur
(N) Lester, Ron
(N) Lewis, Bunny
(N) Lewin, Paul
(O) Livingston, John Graves
(N) King, Tom
(N) MacGregor, Bob
(F) Madocks, William Alexander
(N) Massau, Anthony
(N) McMullen (Colonel)
(N) Morgan, Arwyn
(W) Mount (Colonel) AHL
(O) Nicholls, Eric H.R.
(F) Oakeleys
(F) Overton, George
(N) Pearce, Norman
(N) Pegler, Alan
(N) Perrier, Cyril
(N) Phillips, Rev J.T.
(N) Pollock, David
(N) Pratt, Allan
(F) Prichard, Thomas
(F) Provis, William Alexander
(N) Putnam, Andy
(N) Randall, Peter
(N) Ransom, John
(N) Roberts, Evie
(N) Rosen, Ben
(N) Routly, John
(N) Rushton, Gordon
(N) Savage, Andy
(N) Schumann, Michael
(N) Seymour, Michael
(N) Skellern, Alan
(N) Smallman, Rob
(O) Spooner, Charles Easton
(O) Spooner, George Percival
(F) Spooner, James
(O) Stephens, Colonel Holman Fred
(N) Stretton, John
(N) Thomas, Andrew
(O Thompson, Livingston
(N) Thorp, Rodney
(F) Tyler, H.W. Captain
(O) Tyrwhitt, S. C
(O) Vaughan, Frederick
(N) Wagstaff, John
(N) Whitehouse, Michael
(O) Williams, Robert
(N) Wilson, Dan
(N) Wollan, Dick
(N) Woolhouse,Bill
(N) Woodhouse,E.
(N) Young, Bill

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