1993 Training And Recruitment Weekend

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Saturday 19 June 1993 & Sunday 20 June 1993

In early 1993 the Operating and Catering Department Volunteer Co-ordinators - Stewart D. Macfarlane and Sharon Wilson (respectively) - organised a Training and Recruitment Weekend targeted at on-train Volunteers.

Advertising for this event was provided in FRM, Railway World, and a leaflet drop on the trains during the Hunslet Hundred Gala. 32 applications were received. In addition it is known that at least one family who could not attend came later in the year and still regularly volunteer.

Over the weekend of 19th and 20th a highly structured series of events for both the new recruits and those taking refresher training.

The new recruits were given the opportunity to experience both Catering and Operating Activites and visits to various locations around the FR. Ten volunteers in these areas acted as chaperones for the newcomers.

The refresher training involved a visit to all the various ground frames and token stations along the line and the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the various facilities.

On the Saturday evening, an Emergency Exercise was held in the Moelwyn Tunnel.

On the Sunday, a question and answer event was held centred on a lunchtime barbecue at Dduallt, which enabled those who regularly volunteered to share their experiences with the new recruits.

By 2005 around 50% of the 1993 recruits are still regular volunteers, among their ranks are two who are (or have been) Society Directors and one who is now a Company Director.

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