Bobby's Box

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Bobby's Box
Location Minffordd Yard To the left of the road entrance to Minffordd Yard after crossing the railway at the level crossing.
Register No 84b
T. Corner ID -
Operational Yes
Heritage Status Heritage replica building originally erected 2009; assumed not listed.
Historical significance Replica of Signalman's box (Bobby's Box) which was originally erected at Harbour Station circa 1872/3. The original was installed to protect operatives of the loop. Demise of original hut was circa [? - date to be inserted]. The replica was constructed for use at Harbour Station by young volunteers during Kids' Week 2009. As it was constructed at Minffordd but to be erected at Harbour Station it was designed to be transportable. Following the remodelling of Harbour Station it was surplus to requirements, so was dismantled and placed in storage. From archive photographs it was realised that a hut with similar dimensions had stood at the entrance to to Minffordd Yard and so re-erected in its current location in 2015[1].

Materials and workmanship: Proprietary sandwich cladding; roof timbers (description to be added); new joinery (windows and doors). Source of roof slate tiling [to be inserted - new or re-used? A new concrete floor was laid.

Cadw Blg ID Assumed none [to be confirmed]
Description Timber frame building with proprietary cladding under a pitched slate roof. Internal descriptions to be added when surveyed.
Present use July 2015: appeared empty; future use to be decided and confirmed.
Previous use Harbour station replica of signalman's hut used for protection by operators of the loop line at Harbour station.
Condition July 2015: appears to be in good condition.
Recent works Constructed by young volunteers during Kids' week 2009 under the supervision of Alan Norton and David Waller.
  1. Roof: Slate ['new' or 'reused' to be inserted]
  2. Door and Window Lintels: Timber frame
  3. Walls: Proprietary insulated cladding
  4. Reinstatements: To be inserted
  5. Gutters: no guttering or downpipes
Urgent and Immediate Repairs required None
Improvements needed None are are suggested:-
Potential alternative uses None.

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